How Does BHRS Work?

There are three levels of service in BHRS. The Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) is the team leader. They must have a master’s degree or higher and experience in behavioral health, behavioral interventions and treatment of children with mental health issues and/or developmental delays. The BSC is responsible for writing the treatment plan and overseeing it’s implementation.

If a Mobile Therapist (MT) is required they also must have a master’s degree, and training in providing therapeutic interventions. The MT is available to provide counseling services to the child and family.

The Therapeutic Staff Support , or TSS, must have a Bachelor’s degree or Associates with 3 years paid experience working with children as established by the state of Pennsylvania’s DPW mandates. The TSS is responsible for working with the child directly in whatever environment (Home, School, or Community) the treatment team deems necessary and follow the behavioral plan written by the BSC with the families input.

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